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Dorian 2.0


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“I was getting internal and external updates. It’s Dorian 2.0 right before your eyes,” Dorian smiled waiting for John to look before continuing, “I now have a faster reaction speed by .02 seconds, my linguistic skills have been updated to the newest vocabulary, and I got physical upgrades as well.”

“Physical upgrades?” John asked checking out Dorian, “You don’t look different.”

Words: 522, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1hgecKn


(x) My contribution to the amazing 2014 AHfan con. For the lovely, starandrea


We’ll worry about it later, John. It’s nothing Rudy can’t fix tomorrow.




What if Synthetic Souls weren’t really? What if they were based on real souls. Like the digital representation of a previously living soul stripped down to its basest parts- feelings, understanding, the basic cognitive abilities and attributes of that soul, that person’s existence, only without any self aware point of reference thus giving them the outward appearance of a purely coded set of actions and reactions. Wouldn’t that be awesome? A completely inorganic recreation of an organic/spiritual concept, one that could learn and grow and create it’s own points of reference and extrapolations. Basically, discover it’s own sense of free will.

It would explain why the DRN series went nuts so often. Either because bits and bobs didn’t get recoded or wiped properly, so there’d be stray feedback telling them that there was something out of place, but giving them nothing to process or reconcile that input with; triggering a major introspective analysis, which would come up wanting, but that their processors and sense of self were telling them was impossible. Or because everything did get recoded and wiped and it was the equivalent of setting a bunch of children loose in the world and expecting them to handle it all. I mean, humans need that buffer of childhood to protect us from the horrors until our minds and bodies can adjust and learn to work within the confabulation of the real world. That’s why so many survivors of child abuse or traumatic events experienced in childhood have such a higher rate of mental health issues. Imagine putting a child or even teenager into the world of a DRN; we wouldn’t be surprised if they started acting out or ‘going crazy’ or killing themselves.

What if that’s what Dorian’s dreams/memories were? What if Maldonado knew something about Dorian’s Synthetic Soul’s past and that’s why she said he was special?

The implications are astounding from an ethical standpoint. Since the basis for the ‘soul’ is coding would that make DRN’s or other ‘droids with Synthetic Souls property even if they had their own distinct personalities and passions? Or would they be able to successfully argue that since every measurable thing that makes us human can be deconstructed and read as nothing but organic computer code that DRNs can be classed as living beings and given rights as such? Okay, so getting the rights would take hella more work, but it would lay the groundwork.

A really interesting point of view regarding the Synthetic Souls, but I don’t think it could be plausible.

But then again, didn’t Nigel said that he wanted to capture the intangible?

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John gets a package in the mail. Dorian had a package all along.

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Words: 1401, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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John Kennex from Almost Human

As I said many, many times in my tags, I have a big problem with this character, and the problem is the fact that HE AND I ARE TOO ALIKE. Like his reaction to stuff are literally how I would react in similiar circumstances. And I love his sassy banter with Dorian so much! Him being my ‘representation’ is also why I have a hard time shipping him with anybody, but that’s mine and mine alone.

Anyway, I was set on coloring this, but I failed quite spectacularly, so let’s chalk it up as WIP.

Obviously referenced from screenshot (S01E13).