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Hi! I was wondering if you know if the Gag Reel is online anywhere? I'm dying to watch it! Thanks!

So are we!

It appears that it is not online as yet, but there have been a few gif sets circulating which we have reblogged.

Comic con part 1


I got back from wizard world pretty late last night and I was way too tired to leave an update about the con. Yesterday was amazing! I dressed up as Black Widow from Hawkeye and I was totally surprised how many people knew who I was.

I also met Karl Urban and he is seriously the sweetest guy ever. I was originally supposed to get a photo op with him but I came 15 minutes late and they told me Karl already left. Luckily the con gave me another photo op ticket for Sunday but I was still bummed I didn’t get to meet him but luckily my friend and I managed to find him finishing up autographs. They originally weren’t going to let me get in line too because he was just finishing up with the last person in line but the staff asked and Karl said I could be the last one he would take. Words can not express how much I was freaking out over this. Even his handlers told me to take a few breaths and that Karl is a really sweet guy. That is seriously an understatement. When I told Karl what happened earlier with the photo op he suggested we just take a selfie right now. I was so nervous I couldn’t even turn on the camera function on my phone so he walked around the table so my friend could take the photo for us.

Why is he so awesome. I will not be about to survive my next day of the con ( Sunday) not only do I get to get another photo with Karl but I’m meeting Sebastian Stan too.

"Watch me lose the power of speech."


Karl Urban at Chicago Comic Con/Wizard World Chicago (Part 1)


Karl Urban at Chicago Comic Con/Wizard World Chicago (Part 2)