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”He has a problem with personal space.” [x]





Karl Urban on Almost Human at Dragoncon’s Spotlight on Karl Urban 

Can anyone tell me what they’re saying? I can’t understand anything T___T Pretty please?

For thenizu : I am not by FAR an expert at transcripts OR his damn accent but here’s what I heard:

Questioner: “… and I got my parents watching it. Is there any way we’re going to see this being on another network soon?”

Karl: “… No.” [laughter] “Next question!” [more laughter] [Karl being unintelligible] “And you know, my feeling on it is it was such a great time, it truly was absolutely phenomenal and the crew were great and to actually get together for five or six years with my man [?] [garbled] and it was just amazing, such a professional group of people right from the grips to the art department to the props they were all just so incredibly talented [unintelligible]

You know uh my kind of take on working on that show we would get to do things we don’t get to do on ordinary television shows. I think because the producers were based in Los Angeles and they didn’t necessarily come up that much… we had a lot of latitude so quite often often we would do a version or two that was as scripted and then Mike and i would just uh, be boys and we would improvise we would like, go run the ball and uh, and it was so amazing like the amount of material we were improvising that ended up in the show uh, with you know the whole uh “scare [scad?] mine” you know [laughter] [he coughs a word, sounds like “oysters”] [more laughter]

That came from improvisation and uh, then it went down to [names, sound like bedrock and berkye] and the guys in the room they were cracking up and so they sent back some rewrites to [orgman? and roundbeck?] and they incorporated them into the show 

And you know know just a wonderful, fun, creative kind of environment and uh, you know I’m pretty proud but my understanding why it didn’t get picked up, I feel for the that the fans who were really into it, really enjoying it but you know that’s life and I’m pretty proud of this first mission.”

I hope this helps :)

Q: Is there any way this is going to be on another network?
Karl: No. Next question. No, I had a blast working on Almost Human. Y’know, Mike Ealy and I had such a great time and that crew was absolutely phenomenal. That was a crew of friends, they were a well-oiled machine that had been together for, y’know, five or six years working on that. So we stepped in. It’s just amazing to have such a professional group of people right from the Grips to the Art Department to the Props. They were all just so incredibly talented and became like my family. And, y’know, Mike and I just had a blast working on that show. We would get to do things that I don’t think you get to do on ordinary television shows. I think, because the producers were based out in Los Angeles and they didn’t necessarily come up that much [to Vancouver] we had a lot of latitude. So, quite often we would do a version, or two that was as scripted and then Mike and I would just get bored so we’d improvise. We would like go run with the ball and it was so amazing. The amount of material that we ended up improvising, ermm, that ended up in the show. Y’know, the whole “Scan my  … “oysters” scene. That came from an improvisation and then it went down to “Bad Robot”, to [Brian] Burke and the guys in the Edit Room and they were cracking up. And, so, they sent back some rewrites to augment around that and they incorporated it into the show. Y’know, it was just a wonderful, funny, creative kind of environment and, y’know, I’m pretty proud of that. I understand, y’know, why it didn’t get picked up and I feel pretty bad for the fans who were really into it and enjoying it. But that’s life and I’m really proud of it. It was very special. Thank you.


Karl Urban at DragonCon 2014 “I Love Pranks”

Lots of pranks on set!


Karl: How did I react to the cancellation of Almost Human? Yeah, tragic. It was very tragic. Look, here’s the thing about it: I had such a wonderful time working on Almost Human. I loved, as I said before, I loved working with Mike and that cast and that crew, that extraordinary crew. It was such an amazing experience. But on the flip side to that coin: it was hard. Working in Television is a grind. We were working in the end there for the last couple of months 6 days a week, sometimes 17 hours a day. I didn’t get to see my family. And it wasn’t quite what I had envisioned it to be on that level. Creatively - an amazing experience, but the actual reality? Y’know, you probably all think that you live this amazing Hollywood lifestyle, red carpets and private jets and all that sort of stuff, but that’s a very small “fun” element of it. Not that I’m… I’m not complaining. I’m not complaining but the reality is that 99% of the time you’re working so extraordinary hard and [joking] I don’t wanna work that hard. I like working as much to the next guy, but not that hard. So, for me it was, y’know, as I said before, I feel, I guess, most upset for the fans who were invested in it, who want to see more of that and to me that was the real.. the biggest disappointment for me. But the fact that I get my life back and I’m free to choose other projects, the fact that I’m free to do another Star Trek next year, to me is a positive. So, that’s kind of how I feel about that.

Q: Can we expect a movie to just end the story or just finish like this?

Karl: Do you think it’s just going to fizzle? She’s having withdrawals! Yeah, you know what, in the end they ride off into the sunset and Dorian says something that really pisses Kennex off, and then he [Kennex] opens the door and kicks him out and that’s how it ended… No, just jokes! I love that, the evolution of that [jokes]. I just loved working with Michael Ealy. He was just so fun and you had to be so on your toes because he could steal a scene like that [snapping] and he did. So, thank you for your question and I apologize of behalf of the cast and the crew.


Hi! I was wondering if you know if the Gag Reel is online anywhere? I'm dying to watch it! Thanks!

So are we!

It appears that it is not online as yet, but there have been a few gif sets circulating which we have reblogged.

Comic con part 1


I got back from wizard world pretty late last night and I was way too tired to leave an update about the con. Yesterday was amazing! I dressed up as Black Widow from Hawkeye and I was totally surprised how many people knew who I was.

I also met Karl Urban and he is seriously the sweetest guy ever. I was originally supposed to get a photo op with him but I came 15 minutes late and they told me Karl already left. Luckily the con gave me another photo op ticket for Sunday but I was still bummed I didn’t get to meet him but luckily my friend and I managed to find him finishing up autographs. They originally weren’t going to let me get in line too because he was just finishing up with the last person in line but the staff asked and Karl said I could be the last one he would take. Words can not express how much I was freaking out over this. Even his handlers told me to take a few breaths and that Karl is a really sweet guy. That is seriously an understatement. When I told Karl what happened earlier with the photo op he suggested we just take a selfie right now. I was so nervous I couldn’t even turn on the camera function on my phone so he walked around the table so my friend could take the photo for us.

Why is he so awesome. I will not be about to survive my next day of the con ( Sunday) not only do I get to get another photo with Karl but I’m meeting Sebastian Stan too.